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[texts]CoCoPro Catalog - Issue 12 (1992)(CoCoPress)
CoCoPro Catalog - Issue 12 (1992)(CoCoPress)
Keywords: utils; est; coco; requires; deli; dnm; tor; rsdos; pixel; blaster; art deli; tech support; pixel blaster; residents add
Downloads: 20
[texts]80-Grafix (19xx)(Programma International)
80-Grafix (19xx)(Programma International)
Keywords: board; programma; graphics; qty; shipping; expiration; visa; character; horizontal; screen; lower case; residents add; radio shack; master charge
Downloads: 38
[texts]inCider 83-11
inCider 83-11
Keywords: apple; print; program; software; disk; graphics; computer; feider; feider november; print print; disk drive; apple computer; residents add; toll free
Downloads: 230
[texts]UpTime - Volume 2 Issue 10 (1994-06)(JWT Enterprises)(US)
UpTime - Volume 2 Issue 10 (1994-06)(JWT Enterprises)(US)
Keywords: program; coco; disk; decb; jwt; screen; msdos; hscreen; qbasic; lockwood; hard disk; system administrator; native mode; residents add; money order
Downloads: 27
[texts]80-Grafix - Programma International
80-Grafix from Programma International. Digitized by anonymous.
Keywords: board; programma; graphics; qty; shipping; expiration; visa; character; horizontal; screen; lower case; residents add; radio shack; master charge
Downloads: 75
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 08

Keywords: program; data; commodore; software; screen; printer; programs; disk; data data; disk drive; machine language; check reader; mci mail; residents add
Downloads: 489
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (August 1979)

Keywords: program; computer; software; data; disk; cassette; kit; interface; programs; ram; power supply; radio shack; residents add; machine language; static ram; kilobaud microcomputing; cassette tape; floppy disk; operating system
Downloads: 1,106
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (July 1983) Volume 09 Number 07

Keywords: computer; apple; software; program; data; creative; disk; print; creative computing; color; machine language; double density; word processing; personal computer; residents add; disk drive
Downloads: 1,014
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 09 (Buyers Guide)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 9 - December 1983 - 101 Products For Your Atari Computer * Anatomy Of A Robot How To Create Controlled Motion With Your Atari by Evan Rosen * Antic Pix Controllers by David Duberman * Automate Your Player/Missiles Smooth Move If You Can Make It by Fred Pinho * Autorun.Sys Build Your Own In Basic by Chuck Hosick * Buyer's Guide Hardware, Software And Accessories, Rana 1000, Gt Disk Drive, Astra 1620, Trak At-d1, Percom Data * Inside Atari Catch On To Computers by Christo...
Keywords: atari; data; program; poke; graphics; software; color; disk; disk drive; goto; residents add; double density; atari resource; mmg basic; machine language; dealer inquiries; data data; character set
Downloads: 655
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 06 Number 03 - Programming Methods
Features p.20 Structured Programming and Structured Flowcharts [author Gregg Williams] A technique that makes programs easier to write, understand, fix, and change. p.36 Build the Disk-80: Memory Expansion and Floppy-Disk Control [author Steve Ciarcia] Steve discusses how to use dynamic memory and floppy-disk-controller integrated circuits and presents a design that incorporates them. p.54 Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics, Part 1 [author Franklin C Crow] Ways to display solid objects with the...
Keywords: data; disk; computer; program; byte; software; apple; memory; byte publications; byte march; power supply; disk drive; radio shack; toll free; north star; floppy disk; residents add; equ equ
Downloads: 1,178
[texts]Sync Magazine Volume 3 Number 5

Keywords: sinclair; program; print; goto; computer; programs; software; ram; timex; sync; machine code; timex sinclair; ram pack; residents add; money order; machine language; sales tax; creative computing
Downloads: 916
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 12
Compute! Gazette Volume 2 Number 6. The Future Of Computer Games: Software That Thinks For Itself, Inside View: The Designers Behind M.U.L.E., 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, Castle Dungeon, Revenge Of Cyon, The Frantic Fisherman, Review: Arcade-Style Games For The VIC-20, Review: EasyScript, Review: Worms?, Review: IFR (Flight Simulator), Computing For Families: New Standards For Home Learning-Part 2, Therapy, Spelling Critter, Shape Match, Word Scramble, The Beginner's Corner: Planning A Game Program, Inside...
Keywords: commodore; data; program; software; disk; programs; poke; print; user group; machine language; toll free; gazelle june; disk drive; word processor; return srem; residents add; money order; gazette june
Downloads: 961
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 05 Number 04 - Printed Software Becomes a Reality
Foreground p.96 COMPUTING THE I CHING WITH A TRS-80 [author Dr Edwin Dethlefsen] If you cannot afford both a set of tortoise-shell casting wands and a personal computer, you should buy the computer and use the program in this article to peer into the Book of Changes. p.142 ThE GREAT RACE AND MICRO DISK FILES, Horse Race Simulations Joseph J Roehrig Here is a demonstration of some disk file management techniques used in a delightful game program...
Keywords: computer; disk; data; byte; software; program; system; memory; byte publications; byte april; north star; power supply; hard disk; operating system; residents add; floppy disk; double density; disk drive
Downloads: 1,042
[texts]Microcomputing Magazine (June 1982)

Keywords: disk; program; computer; print; software; apple; data; programs; printer; gosub; power supply; hard disk; disk drives; toll free; call call; residents add; disk drive; bare board
Downloads: 1,241
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (June 1988)

Keywords: amiga; midi; disk; color; program; graphics; call; software; perfect vision; iff; hard disk; money order; electronic arts; batch file; residents add; amiga basic
Downloads: 737
[texts]S-EIGHTY, The - Vol. 1 No. 6 (1980-06)(SoftSide Publications)(US)
S-EIGHTY, The - Vol. 1 No. 6 (1980-06)(SoftSide Publications)(US)
Keywords: program; disk; computer; programs; software; pascal; data; level; radio shack; machine language; disk drive; star trek; creative computing; residents add; real time; data base; small business
Downloads: 82
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 05 Number 12 - Adventure
Foreground p.24 MULTIMACHINE GAMES [author Ken Wasserman and Tim Stryker] The most exciting computer games are those with two machines and two or more players. p.44 COMPUTERIZED TESTING [author Steve Ciarcia] A computer is useful for automating any process-even hardware testing. p.96 GRAPHIC COLOR SLIDES, PART 2 [author Alan W Grogono] This month we demonstrate the use of subroutines to generate equation plots, histograms, regression and monthly analysis graphs...
Keywords: computer; disk; software; data; byte; apple; program; ram; byte publications; byte december; power supply; floppy disk; disk drive; radio shack; residents add; operating system; double density; hard disk
Downloads: 1,372
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 36 (1986-12)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 36 (1986-12)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: commodore; program; data; disk; software; sprite; lda; printer; sta; disk drive; lda sta; relative file; letter quality; residents add; money order; sta lda; fire button; fast tracks
Downloads: 523
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 40 (Applications Issue)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; program; analog; lda; computing; software; color; computer; analog computing; computing march; disk drive; machine language; residents add; toll free; jsr ciou; jsr print
Downloads: 526
[texts]inCider 1984-02
inCider 1984-02
Keywords: apple; program; software; print; disk; computer; programs; feider; solar; feider february; passive solar; toll free; residents add; disk drive; print print; disk drives; apple computer
Downloads: 217
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 03 Number 03 - Computer Music Systems
Foreground p.84 PROGRAM YOUR NEXT EROM IN BASIC [theme Memory] [author Ciarcia] p.178 INTERFACING THE SYKES OEM FLOPPY DISK KIT TO A COMPUTER [theme Hardware] [author Hughes] p.185 GET ON AT THE RIGHT ADDRESS [theme Hardware] [author Holman] Background p.8 A TWO COMPUTER MUSIC SYSTEM [theme Music Hardware] [author Critchfield-Dwyer-Lederer] p.18 AN APPLE TO BYTE [theme Product Description] [author Helmers] p.56 THE MICROCOMPUTER AND THE PIPE ORGAN [theme Music Software] [author Raskin] p.74 THE ...
Keywords: computer; byte; data; memory; program; software; system; processor; byte march; local processor; floppy disk; central processor; power supply; operating system; computer store; personal computer; residents add; north star
Downloads: 1,124
[texts]Micro - NO. 50 (1982-07)(Micro Ink)(US)
Micro - NO. 50 (1982-07)(Micro Ink)(US)
Keywords: apple; disk; program; lda; jsr; micro; dos; sta; applesoft; software; machine language; apple feature; operating system; disk drive; hard disk; condition code; floppy disk; turn annunciator; residents add
Downloads: 265
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (July 1979)

Keywords: program; computer; data; software; disk; programs; memory; ram; cassette; kit; power supply; north star; residents add; operating system; static ram; machine language; ohio scientific; radio shack; small business
Downloads: 377
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 49

Keywords: data; commodore; disk; program; printer; computer; programs; software; modem; graphics; print shop; machine language; disk drive; scenery disk; memo book; residents add; xetec supergraphix; toll free
Downloads: 435
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 026
Compute! Issue 26 - July 1982. Gold Rush! - IRA Planner - Maze Race - Test RAM For Bad Bits, Nondestructively - Recursive BASIC Subroutines - Screen Graphics - Answer Selection With Joysticks - Apple Game Paddles - Computing Techniques For The Handicapped - Multidigit Addition - Reviews Caverns Of Mars - Reviews Two Programs From The VIC Six Pack - Reviews SoftBox: CP/M For PET/CBM - Reviews SYSRES For PET/CBM - Reviews Fun With Microcomputers And BASIC - The Editor's Notes A Brief Overview Of T...
Keywords: program; atari; disk; software; computer; basic; color; programs; machine language; disk drive; toll free; character set; residents add; language program; dealer inquiries; base address; basic program; direct connect
Downloads: 1,054
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 12 (The International Atari)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 12 - March 1984 - The International Atari * Forth Factory 6502 Disassembler by John Mattes * Atari Around the World A Worldwide Community of Interest * Inside Atari Atari International by Robert DeWitt * Starting Line Atari's Cinderella by Fred Pinho * Atari's Olympic Team U.S. Women Go For The Gold Medal by David Barry * Game Of The Month Centurion by Jeff Greenway * Dear Antic Letters From Around the World * Diskread Check Those Mysterious Disk Sectors by Martin Rex *...
Keywords: atari; disk; computer; goto; poke; antic; software; program; color; graphics; residents add; character set; atari resource; atari computer; disk drive; actrl actrl; money order; atari computers; operating system
Downloads: 251
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (February 1981)

Keywords: disk; data; computer; program; software; apple; system; kit; systems; programs; radio shack; disk drive; power supply; residents add; disk drives; bare board; threaded code; floppy disk; master charge
Downloads: 705
[texts]inCider 84-04
inCider 84-04
Keywords: apple; print; disk; program; software; goto; computer; feider; feider april; toll free; disk drives; disk drive; residents add; call toll; apple computer
Downloads: 162
[texts]80 Microcomputing - Issue 27 (1982-03)(1001001)(US)
80 Microcomputing - Issue 27 (1982-03)(1001001)(US)
Keywords: program; disk; model; data; computer; iii; software; color; basic; programs; model iii; radio shack; color computer; program listing; disk drive; machine language; double density; disk drives; residents add
Downloads: 482
[texts]80 Microcomputing - Issue 01 (1980-01)(1001001)(US)
80 Microcomputing - Issue 01 (1980-01)(1001001)(US)
Keywords: program; data; disk; software; cassette; computer; programs; basic; print; shack; radio shack; machine language; disk drive; basic program; residents add; data base; power supply; general ledger; cassette recorder
Downloads: 269
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 06 Number 02 - The Computer and Voice Synthesis
Features p.36 An Extremely Low-Cost Computer Voice Response System [author James C Anderson] Infinite clipping produces acceptable computer speech. p.44 A Computer-Controlled Tank [author Steve Ciarcia] A wireless remote-control link to a personal computer enhances Milton-Bradley's Big Trak. p.68 A Beginner's Guide to Spectral Analysis, Part 1 [author Mark Zimmermann] A nonmathematical treatment of Fourier transforms...
Keywords: disk; computer; data; software; byte; program; apple; system; byte publications; power supply; byte february; disk drive; operating system; radio shack; inquiry card; floppy disk; residents add; north star
Downloads: 936
[texts]Up Time Newsletter Volume 02 Number 10

Keywords: program; coco; disk; jwt; screen; hscreen; msdos; decb; lockwood; qbasic; hard disk; money order; system administrator; jwt enterprises; native mode; residents add
Downloads: 51
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (March 1981) Volume 07 Number 03

Keywords: computer; program; apple; computing; software; programs; creative; disk; data; print; word processing; residents add; creative computing; toll free; machine language; disk drive; radio shack; data base
Downloads: 542
[texts]S-EIGHTY, The - Vol. 1 No. 7 (1980-07)(SoftSide Publications)(US)
S-EIGHTY, The - Vol. 1 No. 7 (1980-07)(SoftSide Publications)(US)
Keywords: software; computer; disk; cassette; ken; program; programs; pascal; shack; radio shack; machine language; operating system; ken looked; creative computing; residents add; real time; disk drives; command console
Downloads: 76
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine August 1980

Keywords: program; disk; data; software; printer; computer; erm; basic; programs; print; radio shack; machine language; residents add; assembly language; basic program; program listing; disk drives; power supply; disk drive
Downloads: 1,446
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 04 Number 12 - Numerical Analysis
A rescan for this item is available here. Foreground p.10 FREQUENCY ANALYSIS OF DATA USING A MICROCOMPUTER [author F R Ruckdeschel] Application of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) p.36 ADD NONVOLATILE MEMORY TO YOUR COMPUTER [author Steve Ciarcia] Using electrically alterable read-only memory as a "read-mostly" memory p.54 FASTER AUDIO PROCESSING WITH A MICROPROCESSOR [author William J Dally] Selected hardware circuits make possible higher-fidelity processing systems p.120 ANALYSIS OF POLYNOMIAL...
Keywords: computer; data; byte; disk; program; software; memory; system; byte publications; byte december; floppy disk; power supply; residents add; operating system; north star; machine language; data base; assembly language
Downloads: 1,806
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (January 1981)

Keywords: disk; program; print; data; software; computer; basic; system; ram; apple; power supply; radio shack; print print; north star; disk drive; double density; data data; residents add; general ledger
Downloads: 574
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (November 1982) Volume 08 Number 11

Keywords: apple; software; disk; computer; program; atari; color; graphics; creative; creative computing; disk drive; personal computer; color computer; residents add; radio shack; ibm personal
Downloads: 1,567
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 03 Number 11 - The Sky is the Limit
Foregroud p.16 AN EXCHANGE EVALUATOR FOR COMPUTER CHESS [theme Software Chess] [author the Spracklens] p.48 THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: Ham Radio for Intercomputer Communication [theme Personal Computing Networks-] [author Kasser] p.76 I'VF GOT YOU IN MY SCANNER! [theme Applications] [author Ciarcia] p.100 DEFINING A LANGUAGE: PL/B [theme Languages Forum] [author Wilson] p.112 A CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATION [theme Control Systems] [author Hill] p.120 A MULTIUSER DATA NETWORK: Communicating Over VHF Radio [t...
Keywords: computer; byte; program; software; memory; board; disk; november; byte publications; byte november; floppy disk; power supply; north star; bit board; machine language; bit boaro; residents add; personal computer
Downloads: 566
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 18
Compute! Gazette Volume 2 Number 12. What If...? The Popularity of Strategy Games, Electronic Trivia, Inside View: Byron Preiss and Ronald Martinez-Trillium Software Designers, GAZETTE Telecommunications Software Part 2: C/G Bulletin Board System, Review: Microfiler, Review: NATO Commander, Review: Road To Moscow, Mini-Review: The Castles Of Dr. Creep, Mini-Review: Dragon's Keep and Troll's Tale, Mini-Review: Rug Rider, Mini-Review: Impossible Mission, Cosmic Combat, 3-D Labyrinth, Computing For...
Keywords: program; commodore; disk; print; computer; programs; software; data; machine language; disk drive; magic voice; return srem; gazette december; trivia fever; word processor; residents add; strategy games; money order
Downloads: 1,522
[texts]Color Computer Magazine (June 1984)

Keywords: color; disk; computer; program; software; programs; print; data; screen; coco; color computer; radio shack; residents add; disk drive; machine language; disk drives; color basic; high resolution
Downloads: 449
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 22 (Education and the Atari)

Keywords: data; atari; poke; lda; analog; program; gosub; sta; color; analog computing; computing issue; inverse ctrl; lda sta; stack pointer; disk drive; card issue; residents add
Downloads: 190
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (May 1979)

Keywords: program; data; computer; software; disk; kit; ram; programs; board; interface; power supply; data base; residents add; radio shack; north star; floppy disk; static ram; machine language; operating system
Downloads: 1,180
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 6 Number 03 (Print Anything)
Antic Magazine Vol. 6 No. 3 - July 1987 - Print Anything with Your Atari * Afterimage Tricky Atari Optical Illusion by Nick Koziupa * Disk Bonus Antic Writer Full-Fledged Professional Word Processor * Communications ASCII Art Converter Printer Pictures Go Hi-Res by Paul Tupaczewski * Starting Out Atari Animation Lesson 2: Moving Characters by Robin Alan Sherer * Hall Of Fame Chicken XL A Classic From Our First Issue by Stan Ockers * Easy 80 Readable Software 80-Column Text by J...
Keywords: atari; data; disk; software; graphics; program; color; antic; disk drive; poke; character set; atari resource; software library; print shop; residents add; flight simulator; word processor
Downloads: 126
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 06
Compute! Gazette Volume 1 Number 6. A Survival Guide For Beginners, Telecommuting: Dawn Of The Electronic Cottage, The Inner World Of Computers- Part 2: Why Computers Are Logical, Getting Started With A Disk Drive- Part 2: First Steps, MLX: Machine Language Entry Program For Commodore 64, Inside View: John Doering- The Programmer Behind Pipes, Spike: All-Machine-Language Game For Commodore 64, Space Duel, Bowling Champ, Saucer Shooter For VIC-20, Review: VIC/64 Rabbit, Review: Busicalc For VIC A...
Keywords: commodore; program; disk; computer; programs; machine language; data; software; data base; disk drive; residents add; toll free; custom characters; word processor; gazette december; return srem; money order
Downloads: 2,894
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 39 (1987-03)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 39 (1987-03)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: data; program; commodore; disk; software; color; poke; amiga; programs; super discount; disk drive; machine language; bit map; discount coupons; residents add; bug repellent; print shop; designer jeans
Downloads: 171
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 03 Number 10 - Chess for the Microcomputer
Foreground p.22 NO POWER FOR YOUR INTERFACES?: Build a 5W DC to DC Converter [theme Hardware] [author Ciarcia] p.34 A "TINY" PASCAL COMPILER, Part 2: The P-Compiler [theme Pascal] [author Chung-Yuen] p.58 TESTING MEMORY IN BASIC [theme Software] [author Adams] p.86 FIRST STEPS IN COMPUTER CHESS PROGRAMMING [theme Software Chess] [author the Spracklens] p.100 LINEAR CIRCUIT ANALYSIS [theme Simulation] [author Anderson] p.122 SOLVING THE EIGHT QUEENS PROBLEM [theme Software] [author Smith] p.142 A...
Keywords: computer; byte; program; memory; chess; software; data; october; byte publications; byte october; front panel; power supply; north star; personal computer; floppy disk; residents add; olson electronics; byte shop
Downloads: 775
[texts]PROFILES - Volume 1 Number 5 (1984-03)(Kaypro Corp)(US)
PROFILES - Volume 1 Number 5 (1984-03)(Kaypro Corp)(US)
Keywords: kaypro; software; program; disk; data; programs; perfect; dbase; computer; data base; dealer inquiries; kaypro disk; perfect writer; residents add; word processing; perfect filer; general ledger; money order
Downloads: 232
[texts]Ahoy! Magazine Issue 23

Keywords: program; commodore; disk; data; poke; screen; print; software; color; machine language; disk drive; bug repellent; money order; word processor; rem lda; file scout; call call; residents add
Downloads: 750
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine March 1982

Keywords: program; disk; model; data; computer; iii; software; color; basic; programs; model iii; radio shack; color computer; program listing; disk drive; machine language; disk drives; double density; residents add
Downloads: 1,046
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